Wicked Woods depends on the amazing crew we conduct every year to make this amazing festival happen! We are very grateful for the hard work that this community puts into this festival to make it the unforgettable experience for our Wicked Woodlanders.

There are many volunteer positions listed below. Apply today and become a part of our Wicked Woods Team! After our team leader reviews your application, you will be notified and will discuss scheduling and your volunteer deposit. Your deposit will be refunded back to you within the week after the festival, upon completing your shift.


 Each Volunteer will receive:

Free Admission

Meal during your shift

Early Entry Fee Waived

Smiles and Hugs Galore

Volunteer Positions

GATE: Be the first person to greet our guests! Duties include checking tickets, checking ID's, wristbands, and searching cars. You will be required to complete 3 x  8hr shifts

PARKING PATROL: Find the perfect camping spot for our guests. You will be required to complete 2 x 8hr shifts.

HR DEPARTMENT: Manage volunteer schedules, check in talent/volunteers/crew, and answer any questions that may arise from our guests. You will be required to complete 3 x 8hr shifts. 

AMBASSADOR: Greet our guests and give out our amazing Wicked Woods Vibes! Roam the grounds and ensure everyone is safe and having a great time! You are required to complete 3 x 8hr shifts​

SETUP CREW: This is a 3 day commitment before the event. The days are Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday from 9am - 6pm. You will be helping setting up tents/stations, might be required to paint, set up lighting in pathways, and any final touches that are required.

GREEN TEAM: This is an important job to make sure our grounds are clean for our guests. You will be responsible for properly disposing garbage and recycling, informing our guests of the importance of waste management, handing out garbage and recycle bags, sorting recycling at our recycle station, and checking wristbands along the way. You are required to complete 3 x 8hr shifts.

ROVERS: Help out security and ensure our guests are safe. This position will also help out in areas that are needed and also check wristbands in designated areas. You are required to complete 2 x 8hr shifts.

TALENT AMBASSADOR: Ensure our Talent is taken care off from the time they step on grounds till the time they step off grounds. Show them that Wicked Woods is full of good vibes and that we know how to treat our talent right. You are required to complete 3 x 8hr shifts. 

TALENT DRIVER: Ensure our Talent are safely transported from when they step off the plane until they step back on. Transport them to and from the airport to their hotel and to and from the festival grounds. 

FIRST AID: Do you have more than a level 1 first aid certificate? Please apply and include what qualifications you have. You are required to complete 3 x 8hr shifts. 

SANCTUARY: Have your psy-crisis training? Apply below and include your qualifications. You are required to complete 3 x 8hr shifts. 

TEAR DOWN CREW: This is a 3 day commitment. You will be required to work Monday and Tuesday from 9am - 5pm. Duties include tearing down tents/stations, lights, cleaning campsites and grounds, sorting recycling, and making sure the grounds are left cleaner than arriving.