Wicked Woods Music Festival Volunteer And Crew Code Of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to inform volunteers on the standards of conduct required. Volunteers are expected to act honestly, conscientiously, reasonably and in good faith at all times when carrying out their duties and in their relationships or interactions with others.

At all times, we expect volunteers to:

  • • be present at the agreed times

  • • carry out duties and responsibilities in a safe, efficient and competent way

  • • comply with lawful and/or reasonable direction, instructions and policies, abide

    by festival policies and procedures

  • • respect the privacy of individuals and only use confidential information for the purposes for which it was intended property or funds other than for authorized purposes

  • • maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained while volunteering

  • • satisfactorily perform assigned duties

  • • observe safety procedures including:

o keeping yourself and others safe, at all times
o notifying the organization about hazards or potential hazards in the working environment
o notifying the organization about any accident, incident or property damage

Volunteers will not:

  • • create any liability for our organization without authorization

  • • act in a way that may bring our organization into disrepute (including use of email, social media, zoom and other           internet sites, engaging with media, etc.)

  • • engage in any activity that may or causes physical or mental harm of another person (such as verbal abuse, physical       abuse, assault, sexual or racial harassment, bullying, slandering, etc.)

  • • act with misconduct, insubordination, or discrimination

  • • be affected by alcohol, medication or non-prescription drugs while volunteering

  • • provide a false or misleading statement, declaration or claim

  • • falsify or change any documents or records.

  • • engage in any activity that may damage property of the festival or others

  • • have unauthorized possession of property belonging to anyone else or misuse of festival materials

  • • engage in a criminal activity

  • • abuse or mistreatment of festival guests, staff or other volunteers


Conflicts of Interest

Volunteers should avoid situations that may lead to conflicts of interest by:

  • • consulting with your manager/supervisor before undertaking other roles in organizations whose goals, purposes or activities conflict with our organization

  • • making sure your other commitments do not conflict with the performance of

    your duties at our organization

  • advising your manager/supervisor immediately if a conflict of interest exists,

      occurs or could possibly occur.




Team Leaders Code of Conduct

Leaders are to be always kind and courteous. Leaders are to place returning volunteers in good standing, first. Team leaders may not form their teams based on past positions not related to Wicked Woods. Schedule stacking of friends or past favorites creates a conflict of interest but also a potential for discipline or morale problems and/or perceived favoritism, among other issues.


Wicked Woods Music Festival reserves the right to non disclosure of any concerns received to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of those involved. As such, any actions taken to keep Wicked Woods staff, vendors and/or patrons safe and in alignment of our values as stated above will be carried out under our discretion.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

 Breaches of the Code of Conduct may lead to a notification of unacceptable behaviour and a warning or the immediate end to your services as a volunteer. Repeated breaches of the Code of Conduct will lead to the immediate end of your services as a volunteer.

By accepting a volunteer position at Wicked Woods Music Festival, you agree to our code of conduct.  

Wicked Woods Music Festival Volunteer Terms and Conditions;

By purchasing this ticket, you agree to the Volunteer terms and conditions as such;

a) A volunteer is defined as a person who freely offers to take part in or undertake tasks for the 2021 Wicked Woods (“WW”) event. Provided all volunteer obligations are met in accordance with this document and any subsequent instructions provided by WW management, the volunteer ticket fee will be refunded following the event.

b) WW will designate all volunteers to either regular volunteer or team supervisor positions as management deem appropriate.

c) Regular volunteers are required to complete three (3) x eight (8) hour shifts. Team supervisors are required to complete three (3) x twelve (12) hour shifts. Team supervisors are to be on-call and reachable at all times during their shifts, including but not limited to overnight shifts and must be present for shift changes.


d) WW management will endeavor to distribute shifts as evenly as possible; all volunteers will be allocated both an overnight shift and a day shift. Day shifts are scheduled anytime between 9am and 9pm, overnight shifts are scheduled anytime between 9pm and 9am.


e) Once a shift schedule has been provided to the volunteer by the Volunteer Coordinator, volunteers have forty-eight (48) hours to confirm acceptance of the assigned schedule by return communication. Once acceptance of the volunteer’s shift schedule has been communicated to the Volunteer Coordinator, the volunteer has an additional 48 hours to purchase their volunteer ticket for $250.00 CAD. Volunteers should not accept their shift schedule if they are unable to purchase the volunteer ticket within the allocated forty-eight (48) hours. If the volunteer ticket is not purchased within the allocated time, the scheduled shifts may be reassigned at WW management discretion and the volunteer will need to reapply for consideration. WW will endeavour to accommodate any requested schedule changes,

however there is no guarantee. Any changes must be requested through the volunteer email by September 1, 2021. If a medical or family emergency happens during the show and the volunteer must leave, the Team Supervisor or HR must be immediately informed. The volunteer will be escorted off the event grounds and the wristband removed. Re-entry will only be allowed if a new volunteer shift can be completed. Any other failure to be at assigned shifts will result in forfeiture of the volunteer ticket refund.


f) Upon successful completion of the required shifts in accordance with this Agreement, WW will reimburse the volunteer ticket cost to the same card/account from which it was paid. A Refund of $250 (online fees to purchase through showpass or pay with credit card are not refunded) only $250 will be repaid to you through this payment method. Refunds will be issued no later than September 26, 2021.

***Please note if you do not wish to pay fees we do accept email transfer's to heather@wickedwoodsmusicfestival.org.- Please Include name, phone number and the email used on your volunteer application and Identification.

Volunteer event conditions:

a) ALL volunteers must arrive at the start of their scheduled shift ready and able to work [fulfilling the agreed task requirements]. Volunteers must show up for their scheduled shift rested, clean and sober. A condition of this volunteer contract is to stay sober for the duration of your allocated shifts. Should the Volunteer Coordinator, Team Supervisor or any WW management deem a volunteer unable to meet this sobriety requirement, the shift will be forfeit and appropriate resultant actions taken (including forfeiture of volunteer ticket refund and expulsion from the event grounds).


b) Volunteers MUST check-in at event site HR 15 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled shift. Attendance will be recorded.


c) If for any reason you need to abandon your shift, you must inform your Team Supervisor as soon as possible so alternate coverage can be arranged to support your team. In the event of an emergency, this may also be communicated to the Volunteer Coordinator or event site HR. Failure to communicate this at the time of shift abandonment may forfeit the refund of your volunteer ticket cost and result in expulsion from festival grounds.


d) For evening/overnight shifts, please ensure you bring a flashlight as one will not be provided for you.


e) Volunteers must be prepared to dress for all weather conditions and bring anything you might need during your 8 hour shift (i.e. water, snacks, medications, rain coat, etc). All are required to be WCB compliant meaning you must wear closed toe shoes on shift and follow all sanitizing procedures.


f) Volunteers will be provided with information for your meal voucher at event site HR. Meal vouchers must be used on the day of your shift, or it will not be valid. g) Volunteers will receive one (1) free shower per shift.


g) All volunteers and attendees must be 19 years of age or older, ID will be checked at the gate. All identification must match the volunteer application and contract information provided. Failure to produce valid government issued identification will void the volunteer ticket and contract, and no refund will be provided. Expired ID is not valid and will not be accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: All volunteer tickets include a car pass for camping in the Volunteer lot. if you wish to bring an RV you must purchase an RV pass, this is not included.

Small RV in Volunteer lot $20. To camp with friends in the Juniper or Raven areas you must purchase the appropriate pass, available to you at half price, while quantities last.